About Mt Ijen

Blue Fire, Mt Ijen

Mt Ijen is 2443 metres above sea level. Three major eruptions 3500 years ago created a caldera measuring 22 by 25 kilometres. The volcano is world-famous for its crater lake with the most acidic water in the globe.

This lake is over 182 metres deep and has 32 million cubic metres of beautiful turquoise green water. The crater rim embraces the lake, its lower area measures 960 by 600 metres. Higher up, it measures 1600 by 1160.

It lies within the Ijen Nature Reserve, Banyuwangi province, East Java. Every night, between 2.00am to 4.00am, blue fire appears in the crater - the reason for Mt Ijen's fame. You can see this phenomenon in only two places in the world - in Iceland, and in Ijen.

From the Ijen caldera, you can also see the group of stratovolanoes which includes Gunung Merapi, Gunung Raung, Gunung Suket, Gunung Rante and many other post-caldera cones and craters.


Trekking Mt Ijen

Our journey begins at 10.30pm from Pemuteran, Northwest Bali. A 45-minutes drive takes us to Gilimanuk Harbour. We take the ferry to cross to East Java from here. THe crossing takes around 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Once we reach Ketapang Harbour across the sea, a vehicle will be waiting to take us to Paltuding, the starting point or rest area for our trek. We begin the trek at 3.00am Bali time. 

What you will need for the trek - Patience, and a certain level of fitness.  You will trek and steadily climb a distance of 3km, around 1.5 hours, to get to the peak. From this point, we will descend to the lake area, which will take around 40 to 50 minutes. Here, your aches and pains will melt away as you witness the spectacular dancing blue fire which can only be seen in the darkness of night.

You will also see fluid sulphur dripping from metal pipes specially designed by sulphur miners. It also has its own charm.

As sunrise greets you, the stratovolcanoes complex becomes visible, as does the beautiful turquoise lake with its shores soaring high into the sky.

Once you have had your fill of this commanding landscape, your guide will take you back to the peak where you will see the Ijen caldera, from the highest point.

Then you will be ready to tackle the trip going down, with all the natural beauty you have just witnessed energising you.

 You will arrive back in Pemuteran around 2.00pm.                                                       


Sunrise at Mt Ijen

The most acidic lake in the world - Ijen Lake, or Danau Ijen

A trek to remember

The blue flame..

The Blue Fire of Mt. Ijen